ana'a-n`aadv1BolSarita' nin mangipataros a sigurado tan napuryadi' yayna a sayay bagay.TagNa.Ilo=en.EngA marker of reality and certainty.AntkumonCls. synpa1 11.1advUse with a completed aspect to emphasize the previous completion of an event.1.2advUsed with an active verb in the incomplete aspect or an infinitive to denote immediately or soon.1.3advUse with an incomplete stative or nominal to indicate a complete development of a current status.1.4advFollowing a topicalized pronoun comprising the sentence, it expresses one's or somebody else's turn in doing an action.enclitynaCmpdanaodaninaawroynapariynaDer.anamaetanamainid.kamoynakustoynatayna

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