bebeybɘ-b`ɘyn1BolYupa' a parti nan rupa nin iti a luuban kanen tan liwaan susarita' tan raruma et nin tunoy.TagBibig.IloNgiwat.EngMouth, the part of the body were food is taken in and from which speech and other sounds are emitted.Memdila'whrupaspeclabi' 1marukmok2BolUbot a partin sayay bagay a lumog sa rarem bilang sa butilya tan raruma et.TagBunganga.IloNgiwat.EngAn opening or entrance to a structure that is hollow, concave, or almost completely enclosed, such as bottles, etc.Der.mabebeypibubebeypinakabebeyid.bebey eketburak bebey

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