dilikadodi-li-k`a-doSpdelicadodelicate, tricky, tactful, considerateadj1Bol:Kapapa'sar nan sayay bagay a pangibwatan yan pakarisgo.Tg:Mapanganib.Io:Napeggad.Eg:For a situation to be dangerous.Cls. synpiligruso1.1adjFor the condition of a person to be at a life threatening stage.Cls. synsiryos2Bol:Kapapa'sar nan sayay bagay a mainum'ay yan maspak o masida'.Tg:Maselan.Io:Narasi.Eg:For a thing to be delicate and so needing careful handling.Cls. synmaspak2.1adjFastidious, to be very particular and demanding about how something is done.Cls. synmapili' 2ubd root

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