pa1papart1Eng:To confirm; affirm an action when used with the completed aspect or a completed situation or a reality or confirmation marking particle such as gapoorana when there may have been a doubt by someone that something was done or should be done; Refuting the negative or doubtful statement or thought of someone.Cls. synpuod2Bol:Pangibarita' sa sayay ipagawa'; kidawat.Tag:Ako pa; siya pa ang bigyan moIlo:Syak pay; isu pay; ikkamEng:When the verb is in the non-completed aspect, this word is used with some doubt in the mind of the speaker as to the response to a situation so it is at times used to request something to be done, or to ask for something to be given out of pity or servitude.Relpara1synkadi' 23Tag:Sana.Ilo:Man.Eng:A wish that it were so but confirming that it is not the case. Especially when used with the addition particle et.Comppalayisapa

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