Entries Explained

In the Bolinao browse view, the entries consist of a headword followed by the pronunciation in brackets. Then the abbreviation for the part of speech is given. The definition in Bolinao is given following the abbreviation "Bol:" This is followed by the associated words in other languages such as Tagalag "Tag:" and an English definition.

The example below illustrates a verb:

*kirmag [kirmag] Bol: Si sayay tawo nin sambuten nay mayi konran mako sa baybay magkunswilo; si sayay tawon rabay nay kialuyon konran mako sa piknik. Tag: Makipagsaya. Eng: To join and enjoy the company of a group.
The following example shows noun with a derived form:

*esad ['as`ad] Bol: Anro nin darekded a main tadem na; i'sad ya sa luta' pigaw main ubot ket inabo' itaw sa ubot a bikoy a rabay mon imula ket tumubo'. Tag: Tulos.Eng:A dibble stick; a pointed stick used to make the holes for planting corn or rice; generally used in the kaingin system of planting. Form: Der.i'sadmangsad

The following example is obsolete indicated by the {obso}.

*atik ['atik] n {obso} Bol:Asikaso; rumnge'; mamin galang.Tag:Atensyon; pansin; asikaso; pakikinig; pagsubaybay.Ilo:Atinsyon; panagdengeg; panagasikaso; panagrispito; pangimdeng Eng:Attention; listen; give ear; be guided; respect.