makoma-k`oPerf. isnako2v1Bol:Kaaalis a mamunta sa keen.Tag:Pumunta; lakad; tuloyIlo:Apan.Eng:To go or come.1.1phrLeave taking.Mako akoyna.I’m going now.Ov. Synwanin anasay. ofwaninadiosipatanidDer. of*tanidDer.ika’To take, transport or send something to a person or place over a distance.ipa’ka’2To have somebody summoned or called.; Have someone go to get someone or something.ka’ka’Had just come; first time to see the place.keenGo with something or with a purpose.mika’To go or come with someone.naku-nakoTo roam around.pakoTo go or come.Tasting aroma, experiencing as opposed to professional.pi’ka’Go to a destination.

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