ababo‘a-b`a-boDer. ofbaboadj1Bol:Animan a ambo’ nin ararem bilang sa taaw, ubot, sugat tan raruma et.Tag:Mababaw.Ilo:Ababaw; narabaw.Eng:Shallow, said of the sea, hole, cut or wound. 2Bol:Kurang sa masadag a pakatanda’, pakataros, didikasyon o dibusyon. Tag:Mababaw.Ilo:Narabaw.Eng:Lack of depth in knowledge, understanding, commitment, etc.Der.abababoTo be on the very surface of something.ababwenTo make something shallow.kaababwanThe shallowness of the sea, a hole, a basket, etc..umababoTo become shallow.

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