abangan‘a-b`a-ŋanPerf. isinabanganDer. ofabangvl1Bol:Mamayad sa pangungusar nin sayay bagay bilang sa bali, ruran, DVD tan raruma et.Tag:Upahan; arkilahin.Ilo:Abangan, arkilaen.Eng:To rent, e.g. a house, vehicle, DVD, etc. for one’s own use. 2Bol:Bayadan a anak o pursyinto nin utang nin kwarta bilang wadi’ 8% o 10%. Tag:Tubuan.Ilo:abanganEng:To pay interest on a loan.Der.ipaabanganFor the owner to allow something to be used by someone for the exchange of a payment.To lend money with interest.

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