abilidad‘a-bi-li-d`adMassuabilidadSpnhabilidadability, skilln1Bol:Pakababa’ o talinto nin mangwa’ nin sayay bagay.Tag:Kakayahan.Ilo:Laing; kabaelan.Eng:Ability; competence.2Bol:Ambo’ nin urdinaryo nin pakababa’ nin mangwa’ nin sayay bagay bilang sa madyik tan raruma et.Tag:Kakayahan.Ilo:Talinto; mabalinanEng:Ability to produce extraordinary results such as by magic or supernatural means.Der.maabilidadSaid of a person who is good at inventing or fixing things or finding a solution to a difficult situation.Said of a person who is good at giving alibi to evade responsibility, etc.

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