ta’gayt`a’-gayn1Bol:Animan a bagay a kai iti sa yupa’ no kai iti sa leas.Tag:Taas; sa taas; sa ibabaw.Ilo:Akingato; ngato; idiay ngatoEng:The area above something; upstairs; top thing.2Tag:Pang itaasEng:Blouse; upper garment.Der.ata’gayTo be high or tall.High in rank; great, important or well known .ita’gayraised something; exalt/lift upkata’gaygreatnesskinamata’gayrising to the top of something*pata’gaysangkata’gayanHighest; tallest; your Highness (a title of honor).tuma’gaybecame tallUpwards toward a higher position; toward a higher place; promotion.

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