agamiren‘a-ga-m`i-rɘnPerf.inagamirSpch var.agamirenenFrom*agamir1nBol:Animan nin bagay a usaren sa pagtatrabaho o pangngawa’ nin bagay-bagay, pati say isulot o animan et.Ilo:Alikamen; ramit; arwat.EngAny useful article such as an implement, tool, utensil, including personal effects.Cls. Syninstrumintospecadadobatyabenengkardiromartilyomuwiblissapatos2voBol:Usaren yay sayay bagay bilang sa pakababa’, pakayadi’ o raruma et sa abas.Ilo:Aramaten.EngTo utilize something as a tool, with a negative connotation.

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