abasto‘a-b`as-toSpnabastoabundant supplyn1Bol:Makasadag nin ikabyay tan raruma et nin matka-matkap para sa sayay panaon bilang wadi’ manglinggo, mamulan tan raruma et.Tag:Sapat.Ilo:Makaanay, umanay, makalaem.Eng:Sufficient supply of foodstuff and other things to live on for a period of time.2Tag:abasto,pagkain o pera para sa araw-arawDer.abastwanTo supply a food item for use for a period of time.abastwenFor someone to have subsisted on a certain food item for a period of time.miabastoFor someone to stock or store a particular food item to subsist on for a period of time.

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