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pa1papart1Eng:To confirm; affirm an action when used with the completed aspect or a completed situation or a reality or confirmation marking particle such as gapo or ana when there may have been a doubt by someone that something was done or should be done; Refuting the negative or doubtful statement or thought of someone.2Bol:Pangibarita' sa sayay ipagawa'; kidawat.Tag:Ako pa; siya pa ang bigyan moIlo:Syak pay; isu pay; ikkamEng:When the verb is in the non-completed aspect, this word is used with some doubt in the mind of the speaker as to the response to a situation so it is at times used to request something to be done, or to ask for something to be given out of pity or servitude.3Tag:Sana.Ilo:Man.Eng:A wish that it were so but confirming that it is not the case. Especially when used with the addition particle et.ComppalayiI wonder; request with doubt.Request for affirmation of something; don't you think so; it's not surprising; sapaAn expression of wish or desire for a certain situation.
pa2panBol:Tawag ran ua'nak sa tatay a udino Papang ra.Ilo:Papa.Eng:A term of address to ones father.
pa-pa??? > vdEng:To let or have done
pa'bawen0Spch var. ofpaabawenDer. ofabawen
pa'bengenpa'-bëŋënDer. ofebengvacTag:Papayatin.Ilo:Pacuttungen.Eng:anything that makes a person look thin in body.
pa'dampa'-damDer. ofadamTag:Pahiram.Ilo:BulodDer.mama'damTo lend; to make something be'damanTo lend; to let another have or use for a time.
pa'damanpa'-damanpi-na'-damanPerf. ispina'damanDer. ofpa'damvacBol:Si'noman tan animan a mangipa'dam.Tag:Mag-pahiram; pahiramin; ipahiram.Ilo:Agpabulod; pabulodan; ipabulodEng:To lend; to let another have or use for a time.
pa'dengpa'-dëŋMasspupa'dengDer. ofedeng1vacTag:Patulong tumayo.Ilo:Patader.Eng:To have someone or something placed in an upright position.2nBol:Bubagay a ginawa' nin tutawo nin miduman sa bali, taytay, dalan tan raruma et.; Animan a nipa'deng ran karpintiro a main pakausaran.Tag:Gusali'; patayo'.Ilo:PatakderEng:A construction, building or an erected structure. Der.ipa'dengTo build up or construct something.mama'dengErect, make to stand;.mamapa'denghad something erectednapa'dengset up somethingnikapa'dengThe nature of a'denganTo build or construct something on a certain'dengenTo help somebody to stand.
pa'denganpa'-dëŋanAtc. is mampa'denganDer. ofpa'dengvacTag:Pagtatayuan; tayuan.Ilo:Pataderen.Eng:To build or construct something on a certain location.Der.ipapa'denganThe owner of the land will allow somebody to build a building on his land.mama'denganerected someplacepama'denganLocation; site; where to construct or build something such as a building.
pa'dengenpa'-dëŋënPerf. ispina'dengDer. ofpa'dengvacTag:Patayuin; tulungang; tumayo'; itayo.Ilo:Patadaren.Eng:To help somebody to stand.
pa'getpa'-gëtDer. ofga'getvacTag:Tibay.Eng:Strengthen.Der.mama'getmake firmmapa'getStrengthened.
pa'getenpa'-gë-tënPerf. ispina'getDer. ofegetvac1Tag:Patibayin; pagtibayin.Ilo:Papigsaen.Eng:To strengthen something.2Tag:Kumpirma.Ilo:Kumpirmaen.Eng:To confirm or ratify an action.
pa'ka'pa'-ka'dial. var.*pakka'n1Tag:Estima.Ilo:Pagarup.Eng:An estimation of an event or person. presumption, conjecture, opinion, guess2Tag:Hinala.Eng:suspicion or imputationDer.ipa'ka'1To consider or presume something usually with suspicion.nama'kaanpipa'kaanThe essence of something; substance; significance. What it's about. The important part.
pa'kitp`a'-kitPerf. ispina'kitDer. ofkikitvac1Bol:Ipadar a kadiryan sa pangngikit nan sayay tawo o tutawo.Tag:Magpakita.; Magpatingin sa duktor.Ilo:Agpakita; paiparang; Agpaduktor.Eng:To disclose something to someone or have someone or something examined. 2Bol:Paipadar o paipatnag yay sayay tawo ta pigaw nin maasikaso o masita ya.Eng:To show something so as to be noticed.Der.ipa'kitTo show something to someone.mama'kitTo make something visible.
pa'kitanpa'-kitanDer. ofka'kitanvacTag:Pakitaan.Ilo:Pakitaan.Eng:show something to someone
pa'langpa-l`aŋnobsoBol:Beneng nin ipanglapak karni; panglapak. Palnang nin ipanglapak karni, beneng malimpek parpar ra.Tag:Itak; lapang; gulok.Ilo:Boneng; pagtaga; paglapak; Ponang; pagtaga; pagakEng:Flat nosed bolo.
pa'legpa'-lëgvBol:Isadya a karukod sa taaw konran kuna.Tag:Maghagis ng lambat; ihagis ang lambat.Ilo:Ipakat ti eket; itinnag ti eketEng:To put the nets into the sea for fishing.Der.ampangipa'legPutting a net into position to catch fish.ipa'legTo put out the nets.
pa'lekpa'-lëkAtc. is ampa'lekmampa'lekDer. ofelekvaEng:To fall'lekansleeping areapa'lekenTo put someone to sleep.
pa'lekanpa'-lëkanDer. ofpa'lekvacTag:Tulugan.Ilo:PagturuganEng:sleeping area
pa'lekenpa'-lëkPerf. ispina'lekDer. ofpa'lekvoTag:Tulog.Ilo:Maturog.Eng:To put someone to sleep.
pa'lempa'-lëmnTag:Pahinog.Ilo:Palu-om.Eng:A stored item for ripening.Der.ipa'lemTo store something for ripening.mama'lemTo keep festering grudges in ones mind. To store or keep something like unripe banana, mango, etc. somewhere such as in a box, basket, etc. until ripe.mipa'lemanTo have grudges against one another.
pa'motpa'-motDer. ofamotvacTag:Painit.Ilo:Ipapudot.Der.mama'motTo heat something up.napa'motwarmed somethingpa'mutenFor something to become hot; to cause something to become hot.
pa'mutenpa'-mutënDer. ofpa'motvacTag:Uminit; painitin.Ilo:pumudot; bumara; papuduten; pabaraenEng:For something to become hot; to cause something to become hot.
pa'na-pa'natenpa'-napa'-natënDer. ofpa'natenvoTag:Unat-unatin.Ilo:Un-na-un naten.Eng:stretch something flat