Bolinao – English


eintrjBol:Usaren yayti nin isuldong sa sarita' nin mangitudo' nin sayay bagay nin katutu'wan a mangyadi'; tutuon talaga. Tag:Eh.Ilo:E.Eng:An attention particle indicating certainty and confidence; it's a fact.
ebeng'ë-b`ëŋnBol:Say kapapa'sar nin lalaman a mayapis, kasan taba'. Tag:Payat.Ilo:Kuttong.Eng:The thinness of a person, animal, tree trunk, etc. Der.i'bengthin outka'benganTo be thinner than something'bengThin of body; lean.mipa'bengTo make one's self'bengenanything that makes a person look thin in body.paka'bengTo reduce ones weight.pipa'bengAnyone who wanted to become a thin; to become a thin in body.umbengTo become thin.
edeed'e-d`e-'ednBol:Kapapa'sar nin ma'teng o ambo' nin paspas bilang wadi' say katutubo' o kaalalaki nan sayay bagay o tawo; say palayo nan sayay ruran bilang sa mutor, dyip tan raruma et.Tag:Bagal.Ilo:Buntog; bayag.Eng:The slowness of development or rate of progress of something.Der.maede'edslow
*edeed'ëd`ë-'ëdTag:Mabagal; mahinay.Der.maedeedVery slow to move.slow
edeng'ë-d`ëŋadjBol:Pusisyon nin no tawo, si lalaman ket matu'rir yan mansupurtawan nin ayin nakatukdo' sa sayay bagay. Usaren yaytin lamang maipa'ka' sa bali, darekdek, puon kayo, tan raruma et.Tag:Nakatayo.Ilo:Nakatakder.Eng:The erect position of people and things.Der.edengan To stand firm in one's view or belief.To stand up and witness to an event; testify.Physique; Stature.i'dengTo take something or someone into a standing position.To represent or take the place of someone.To take a stand defending someone or something.ka'dengTo have just stood up especially of babies or a person sitting for a long time.maka'dengTo be able to be in a standing'dengTo have someone or something placed in an upright position.A construction, building or an erected structure. umdengStand up.
edengan'ëdëŋanPerf. isindenganSpch var.idenganDer. ofedeng1vlBol:Sustiniwen a pammemper o pangangawa' o pangingidipinsa sa sayay bagayTag:Tindigan; panindigan.Ilo:Takderan.Eng: To stand firm in one's view or belief.2vlEng:To stand up and witness to an event; testify.3nBol:Si kikit uno pustura nan lalaman no naka'deng.Tag:Pangangatawan; tindig; tikas.Eng:Physique; Stature.
edet'ë-d`ëtSpch var.udet1conjBol:Main katarusan nan siti nin kanya' anaod; mangipataros yan sayay kungklusyon nin nu'naynan nibarita' o nangyadi'.Tag:Sa makatuwid; kaya.; Sa halip.Ilo:Iti kasta; no kasta.Eng:Consequently, marks a response that is a conclusion to a previous statement or event and moves the thought along.2partBol:Mangibarita' o mangipataros nin nikasigurado nan sayay bagay bilang risulta nan si kayadi' nin nibarita' nin bagay.Tag:Ngayon; Sa gayon; dahil sa ganon.; Na nga.Ilo:Gapo iti daytoy; ita ngarud; ngarud; Ngaruden.Eng:Certainly then, marking something that is undebatable as a result of a previous sain udetIn that case then; for that wanin edetIf that is the case.
*edol'ë-dolTag:Idolo.Der.mi'dolTo bump one's head against something'dolHappened to hit the head against something above it.
eget'ë-g`ëtnBol:magsen; ma'teng kai masida'.Tag:Tibay; tatag.Ilo:Lagda; tibker.Eng:To be firm and durable.Der.ipama'getSomething that gives strength; something that makes things'getTo be sturdy. The durability of objects or steadfast as in love. pa'getenTo strengthen something.To confirm or ratify an action.pina'getanRatify; confirm; seal; make sure.umgetbecome firmmaking firm
*ekem'ëkëmTag:Tikom na kamao.Der.iyekemTo draw one's legs and arms in close to his body in order to make one's self as small as possible. Generally it is used when one is ashamed or frustrated and may try to hide oneself.; To draw oneself into small shape.nakaekem???umekemTo bring the knees up to the chest and lock the arms around them.
eket'ëk`ëtn1Tag:Lambat.Eng:A long fishing net.2Bol:Suy'ot a sinara-sara a ipangalap nin kuna' tan raruma et.Tag:Bahay ng lalaw`a; sapot.Eng:Spider's web.Der.ineketTo form something into a net.pangeketmend nets; weaving of nets
ekneb'ëk-n`ëbnBol:Sakeb bebey ran kinarangkarangan sa taaw a bara'mon sa didila', babangkalanan tan animan a klasi nin kumayam sa taaw a main sakeb bebey ra a siti naod si ekneb.Eng:The organ of locomotion of a shell which also acts as a door or shield for protection, it is very tough.
el'el'ël-'ëlnBol:Pisa'lean paa tan tinubu'nan.Tag:Pigi; singit.Eng:The groin area; The crease where the leg bends in relation to the hip on the front of the body.Der.pangel'elenExperiencing a groin pain.
elek'ë-l`ëknBol:Gaw'en nin pamainawa sa lalaman tan kaisipan nin ipreng a mata tan misada' a kaisipan ket mag'in kai ana nin maaraman a animan.Tag:Tulog.Ilo:Turog.Eng:Sleep.Der.elekanA place for sleeping; roost.kaelekTo have recently fallen'lekAsleep; to be in the state of sleeping. Knocked out cold.mielek-elekTo pretend to'lekTo fall asleep.pangengelekThe process of sleeping.
elekan'ëlë-kanDer. ofeleknTag:Tulugan; higaan.Eng:A place for sleeping; roost.
*em'em'ëm-'`ëmTag:Nguyain.Der.em'emanChew; the masticating of something in the mouth without swallowing but keeping it in the mouth.
em'eman'ëm-'ë-manDer. of*em'emvlBol:Pangisa'mel sa bebey a kai nin amilen no kai edet ipukpok sa bebey; bubagay a ikwa sa bebey a kai amilen.Tag:Ngatain.Eng:Chew; the masticating of something in the mouth without swallowing but keeping it in the mouth.
*emet'ë-mëtinfBol:Makasa nin kai naaraman a animan a bagay.Tag:Wala.Ilo:PukawEng:The lose of something.Der.i'metTo lose or spill something needed or of value by a direct act and with'metFor something to be lost or spilled unintentionally (as of grains, powder or liquid).maka'methappen to lose somethingmangka'metTo be being lost or passing away.pangmetThe event of losing something.
-en'ën??? > vEng:theme
ending'in-diŋEngendingnTag:EndingEng:gambling game based on the final scores of a game
ep'ep'ëp'ëpnTag:Itinago ng inahin ang mga sisisw sa ilalalim ng pakpak.Eng:To cover something over to protect and comfort.Der.ep'epanTo draw in and cover over for protection and comfort. Generally it has to do with feelings.maep'epTo be soothed of placated.mangep'epsooth
ep'epan'ëp'ë-panDer. ofep'epvlTag:Yakap ng ina sa anak.Eng:To draw in and cover over for protection and comfort. Generally it has to do with feelings.
*er'er'ër'`ërvTag:Hiwain ng'erenTo cut something with a drawing action using a knife or bolo or similar instrument, usually a rope or similar material and commonly for slaughtering animals (normally the throat of the chicken).
er'eren'ër'ë-rënDer. of*er'ervoBol:Ikwa yay tadem nan beneng ba'yo ya iyey'ey sa lalaman anggan masugat ya ba'yo ya maputol; putulen yay liey tawo udino uayep.Eng:To cut something with a drawing action using a knife or bolo or similar instrument, usually a rope or similar material and commonly for slaughtering animals (normally the throat of the chicken).Der.panger'erThe action of drawing a sharp object across something in order to slice it.
*eran'ë-r`annTag:Luma.Eng:That which is old or worn out; not new. It has just been here for a long time.Der.ka'ranHow old something is and its condition of having been used.kama'rananA former sweetheart.To be in a state of being worn'ranFor something to persist or continue to function over an unexpected long period of time. ma'ranFor something to be old and out of date, vintage, antique.umranTo be in the process of becoming old.